8/18/18 MISSING MIDDLE Progress: This September 11th, at their Tuesday 7 PM meeting, the City Council will move towrds making a decidsion on whether to pass all, some or none of the Missing Middle. If you haven't educated yourself about what MM is, you should. It could bring a big change to most Olympia neighborhoods. There is lots to know and there are lots of inaccurate rumors of what MM is or isn't.

To get educated, see

The City Site:

ORD&LN Site:

OPOP Site:

5/28/18 MISSING MIDDLE: There are still many Olympians who are just hearing about the City's Missing Middle proposal, and many others who are unsure what MM wil change. To see a table which sums up how most  standards will change with MM (like minimum lot size, setbacks, parking, etc), go here.

Also, there are some draft changes in general code in MM. For instance on the MM webpage ( you will find a link; "Draft Changes to Zoning Code". This is a 274-page document. To save you time, some highlights:

HOUSING UNIT DENSITIES: On page 140 (OMC 18.04.080 A1b), it says 

The maximum housing densities specified in Table 4.04 shall not apply on lots 10,000 square feet or less for townhomes, nor on lots 1⁄2-acre or less for duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, and courtyard apartments in the R4-8 and R6-12 zoning districts; however, the minimum lot sizes in Table 4.04 shall still apply.

Until you actually calculate what this means in terms of density, it's hard to know what this change means. On the table at right (a larger version can be downloaded here), 10,000 sf and 1/2-acre lots are divided by minimum lot sizes for townhomes, duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes and courtyard apartments, in order to find the number of each housing type, which could fit on them. The numbers are rounded, and then multiplied by the number of units in that housing type. Finally, units per acre are found by applying 18.04.080, when appropriate. The orange cells tell the final housing units per acre possible. As you can see, there are uniyt densities well above the stated limits of the zone.

DESIGN REVIEW PROCESS: On page 269, (OMC18.100.090 A and B), it says:

All projects subject to design review shall be reviewed either by the Design Review Board (DRB), the Joint Review Committee (JRC) or by staff as noted below. The DRB, JRC, or staff shall provide a recommendation to the review authority.

A. Projects subject to review by the Design Review Board or Joint Design Review Committee:

3. Any multifamily building with five (5) units or more, any townhouse building with five (5) units or more, and any multifamily development with twenty (20) units or more, except for multifamily buildings or developments that are subject to review by staff listed under Section 18.100.090.B.

18.100.090B 4:  Triplex, fourplex, townhouse, or courtyard apartment projects located in any residential zoning districts with a maximum density of twelve dwelling units per acre or less.

All of this simply means, any MM multifamily building no longer has to go before the Design Review Board to make sure it follows Infill Design guidelines. It will simply be handled by City Staff. The public process is removed.


Pro-Missing Middle:

Questioning Missing Middle:

5/8/18 The Northeast Neighborhood Neighborhood Association is putting on a Love Our Local Fest on August 18th. But we need to raise funds to make the LOLF the best it can be. This Saturday, a dance/festival/ fundraiser will be at the Eagle’s Club.

To get your tickets, go to: 

What is Love Our Local Fest?

Love Our Local Fest is a free, one-day street festival held in the heart of the NE Olympia 

Neighborhood. Through joyful celebration (music, dance, food, artisan crafts, healing 

arts, participatory arts, skillsharing, etc.) we provide a platform for community members 

to support local economy and food systems, build local environmental awareness and 

sustainability, and actively cultivate their community to be a more resilient community. 

Now in its 8th year, Love Our Local Fest has grown into a community tradition of 

celebration and connectivity in the streets of Olympia. We can’t wait to see YOU on 

8.18.18! (Intersection of San Francisco Ave & Bethel St)

3/15/18 At long last, the results of the Survey Monkey survey about preferences for a neighborhoood center at Bethel and San Francisco have been collated. The survey was closed 12/17/17. We got over 100 responses. Read it over to find out what your neighbors think should happen at this corner. In May, ONNA will schedule a meeting to try to create a tenative plan here. Read the survey results here.

3/1/18 Residential Burglary numbers have been analyzed for 2017. Since ONNA began efforts to decrease them in November 2016, they have dropped by over half. This is either a fluke, or due to efforts of ONNA residents to burglary-proof their houses. For ideas, see # 6 and beyond here.

2/25/18 Revised Missing Middle proposal summaries are found below. "Introduction" explains terminology, the "Table" concisely shows  how standards would change with MM, and "Highlights" points out significant changes to considerr carefully.

1. Introduction

2. Zoning Specification Table

3. Highlights

1/20/18 Will the Missing Middle provide more and diverse housing in Olympia R-4-6 and R-4-8 neighborhoods in the next 40 years?

• According to the Thurston County Regional Planning Council (TRPC), the number of housing units in Olympia in 2017 was 24,990. In 2040, they estimate 42,710 will be needed: an increase of 17,720 housing units. See the original table here.

• TRPC's latest estimate of how Missing Middle will increase the number of housing units  in Olympia by 2040is a low of 474 to a high of 946. MM will then provide 2.7% to 5.3% of needed housing. Most of it will be multifamily housing. See the original document here

10/11/17 Although we can't be sure of the cause, Residential Burglaries (RB's) are down in the ONNA neighborhoods for most months of 2017.

At right is a graph showing the number of RB's happening each month. Each color is a different year (2011 - 2017). Notice the 2017 line (black) is lower than most other years for every month except June. We won't know whether the measures ONNA is taking  are really working inless this RB reduction is consistent in the future.

9/18/17 One of ONNA's 3 goals is to investigate a neighborhood center at the corner of Bethel St. and San Francisco Ave. To help us to begin exploring possibilities and feasibility of new construction here, TAS architect Ron Thomas made a detailed presentation on characteristics of this site. See a summary of his presentation here.

9/3/17 Are you interested in a Neighborhood Center development at the intersection of Bethel Street and San Francisco Avenue? Olympia Northeast Neighborhood Alliance (ONNA) will give a presentation of tentative options on Sunday 9/17/17 from 6 - 7:30 in the San Francisco Bakery garden. For more infor, go here.

7/14/17  Much has happened this past 6 months. 

ONNA board members have divided into 3 main groups to focus on the three current ONNA goals:

• Mobility: Because of our efforts, the 26th Avenue pathway (from Bethel to Gull harbor Road) has         moved from last priority to the design stage, to be constructed in the next year or so. Northeast streets with no sidewalks, or sidewalk gaps, are being identified and prioritized to guide future construction. Methods are also being explored to speed up the pace of sidewalk creation.

Currently, we are applying for a matching grant to allow us to do GIS mapping of our neighborhoods. This will allow ONNA to post current maps of sidewalks, streets, community resources,etc. Posted on this website, these maps will make it easier for ONNA residents to understand NE needs and give immediate input for changes.

• Crime Patterns and Prevention: A study of crime patterns in the Northeast neighborhoods has been done here (under Crime and Nuisance Houses). Also, see the 12/11/17 news item below. We are meetiung with OPD and Parks to find ways to increase safety in Bigelow Park, as well as northeast neighborhoods in general. 

• Investigate a Neighborhood Center (NC) at Bethel and San Francisco: ONNA board members have met with owners, developers, City planners and neighbors to begin the process of deciding if an NC is desireable at this spot, what is needed and feasible, who might invest in it, and what incentives or funding might be available. This is just the beginning, and later this year, ONNA will solicit more community input.

12/11/16 ONNA has begun working on one of the three goals for this year: reduce crime in Bigelow Park and in the ONNA neighbiorhoods in general. Crime statistics over the pasty 5 years are being analyzed, and maps, patterns and preventative measures will appear here soon. At the same time, the Coalition of Neighborhood Associations (CNA) is working with the City to make code enforcement more effective.

Tips About Crime in the ONNA Neighborhoods

•  In the ONNA neighborhoods there is very little violent crime. The biggest problems here are home break-ins and car-prowls. 

• Car prowls are easy to prevent: just lock your car doors, don't leave valuables in the car, and keep your front porch light on at night

• Home Burglaries are more common. Here is an article, which may help you do what's possible to prevent burglaries at your home and neighbor's home.

10/19/16 Now that the City Council has accepted the ONNA Sub-Area Plan, ONNA can start work on achieving the 3 main goals in Northeast Olympia over the next 5 years: Reducing crime by at least 20%, building at least 1 mile of new sidewalks and trails, and researching what a Neighborhood Center would look like at the San Francisco Bakery intersection. What we do depends completely on what our residents want. Soon, we'll notify you by EMail or on this site to give you a chance to join, or affect, ONNA's three goal groups.


7/18/16 ONNA has completed the final draft of the ONNA Sub-Area Plan. View it here.

•  The Plan was created with input from a survey given March 2016. You can view the results here.

•  You can still provide input for changes to the draft Plan before July 29 here.

3/1/16 The City of Olympia is beginning to create bike corridors this summer.

At right is a map of the first phase of this project.  See this web page to view future 

Visit the Survey page and make your views known